Solutions firms are the most successful when we work together. Collaborative joint bids, re-engaging previous clients, sharing resources, and mutual opportunity analysis are what sets the good firms apart from the great firms.

Cooperation not competition

Design the future together.

Wyrmix is a collaborative engineering firm

Our strategic partners are at the heart of our business

What is the point and why should I care?

IF you're seeing this,
we want you as a strategic partner

different specializations

Wyrmix is an engineering cooperative through and through. We want to build and create things.
That's it. Our specialization is in user facing digital-physical hybrid products.

We are not a marketing firm.
We are not an IT services firm.
Even if you're another solutions firm,
we likely have different areas of expertise.

We Do
What Our
Partners Do
You Do


Sometimes you need help scoping out a project for a client.

Sometimes a client asks for something out of the scope of your niche and you don't know who would be a good fit for a referral.

Sometimes you need engineering talent, but don't want to deal with recruiters or staff augmentation agencies.

As a strategic partner with Wyrmix you will not only have access to our resources, but you will also have connections to everyone else in our partnership.

Opportunity Analysis and joint bids

We will help you re-engage existing clients on new opportunities leveraging our expertise and the expertise of our other partners. You still control the client relationship, you don't even have to let them know we're helping you.

Our most exciting projects have come from joint bids with our partners.

Who do we try to partner with?

Strategically Integrated Mutual Partnerships

Wyrmix was founded for the betterment of the engineering and solutions community as whole. We strive to ensure our clients and your clients receive the best solutions possible in the most efficient way possible. We do this by providing collaboration services for other engineering firms, experiential marketing firms, and IT service providers.

Firms outside our

All firms have some specialization. They have something they are experts at. Whether that's AWS cloud services, microsoft development, mobile development, consumer electronics product development, or anything in between.

We aren't that, but your clients often need what we do and our clients often need what you do. Someone in our network has a need for what you do.


Experiential marketing firms generally focus on strategy and design with their clients.

Since we and our network focuses on building digital-physical hybrid projects, we often find ourselves as the engineering arm for the creative designers in the experiential marketing space.

We will even help you scope out the technical blueprint for your client's crazy ideas.

IT Service

IT network and procurement companies often have their clients asking for custom solutions even though that's not what they do.

We help those IT service providers offer custom solution services to their clients so you no longer have to turn your clients away when they ask.

Custom solutions work often leads to an increased need in IT infrastructure which enables you to upsell more of your services.

How do we make money from this?

What's the catch?

We don't charge anything to be a partner.
We are a cooperative of engineers and designers.
Our only goal is to build cool stuff.

We help you because if we are successful in getting you more work through our opportunity analysis, then we can help you build it.

At the end of the day, that's all we want.

Want to be partners?

Let's get to know each other a bit. Tell us about what you do, and we'll see where we can find opportunities to work together.

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