Executive Engineering Blueprint

Every project initiative begins with this. Whether you're a project manager in an enterprise company and need a detailed outline to show a stakeholder or a fresh startup that needs a technical roadmap to show investors or offshore development teams:

We made this for you.

Bridge the gap between business and engineering

In order for you to have a successful project, it is important to work with a partner that understands your business goals and the technical architecture that will support them.


We can help you with the initial scope of your project, and the technology development plan that will help you get there. Our process will help you to determine the most valuable elements of your solution and prioritize the technology stack that will make them possible.

Together, we’ll create a roadmap to guide your project from concept to launch that includes an expected budget, risks analysis, time range, and everything you need to speak intelligently about your project.

Suggested Technical Approach

Our team of engineers will use the goals gathered from our discovery workshop to architect an ideal technical approach so you know what actually needs to happen to build this project. A high level technical approach is needed to fully understand the resources required to begin any project.


Anticipated Cost Range

Cost is one of the most important factors considered in any project initiative. We will provide a range of costs as well as show the likelihood of the project going over budget or under budget. A range of variance for cost is more accurate than a single figure.


Business Case Justification

With our team creating the technical approach and cost analysis, you will know what actually needs to happen to build your project. We will provide a clear business justification for the project initiative. It will clearly show the benefits of the project initiative and why you should move forward with the project.


project task breakdown

Our team of engineers will break down the project into tasks so that we can schedule the project, assign tasks, and provide a more accurate estimate of effort, cost, and duration.



We will assess the risk involved with the project initiative to help you understand which factors could adversely affect the success of the project. We will also provide a risk mitigation plan for each risk so that the project will still be successful.


Goal and effort PRIORITIZATION

A critical part of project initiation is the process of goal and effort prioritization. This requires the project team to identify the goals of the project, and then rank them in order of importance. This ranking process is called goal and effort prioritization, and is typically performed during the project initiation stage.


Project initiation document

We will create a project initiation document that includes our findings from the discovery workshop, engineering blueprint, business case justification, project task breakdown, and risk assessment. We will also include a schedule of deliverables, budget, and resources needed to complete the project.


defined goals and success metrics

Once the project initiation document is completed, we will begin to define the success metrics for the project so you know when the project has been successful. You will be able to use the success metrics to measure progress throughout the project.


required resource estimation

We will provide a detailed resource estimation for each task so that you know how much work is required to complete the project.


expected timeline and scope standard deviations

We will create a timeline with a range of standard deviations so you can quickly see if the project will be on time and within scope.

The executive engineering blueprint is a requirement

Why consider this?

Designed for stakeholders

Take this engineering blueprint to any stakeholder or investor to clearly outline the scope, budget, risk, and value of the initiative and make an informed decision on this project.

You will have to do this anyway, and we're the best

Most projects cannot afford entirely US-based domestic engineers for the whole project. Instead, why not have domestic engineers like us scope and budget your project? 

Then, if you want, you can hire cheaper engineers or go overseas with a clear bullet proof engineering plan.

Snapshot of the future

Understanding the risks and commitments involved are paramount to understanding the return on investment and value of any project.

Investing in preparation now can save you hundreds of thousands in the future.

Everything you need

All in one place

Check out an example

We have an example document that outlines everything you will get from this workshop. While we require all new clients to go through this workshop before we start any project, we offer this workshop as a stand alone service for prospects who need technical help from world class engineers to plan their project but might not have the means or budget to bring us on to execute the project itself.

Download the example Executive Engineering Blueprint

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